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I'm sure you are wondering "What is this?!" Well, let's start with the basics: My name is Julia Quezada. I'm a 24-year-old from the DMV area, and I have an undying love for music and photography. I was the kid outside the venue at 10 AM because I wanted that front row on the barricade spot, to feel every second of the music. I'd have three charger ports in hand so my phone wouldn't die and I could take pictures. I usually bought VIP tickets to meet the band, but one day...that simply wasn't enough. I had questions I couldn't ask during VIPs because time was so limited. I wanted to be closer for my photos with a better camera, and that's how Break The Ice was born! 


My name is Curtis Ebl and I pay money to hear people yell into a microphone. I'm a photographer, concertgoer, and music lover, so combining the three only seemed natural. Consider me an addict to the live show. 


Photography is a major driver in my creative output. Capturing the beauty in small details is a passion of mine which can be fulfilled with the assistance of my camera. 

I'm in love with my dog, my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, lifting heavy metals and listening to heavy metal. May my shots give you inspiration to do something creative!



Instagram: @curtis_ebl


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