• Julia Quezada

Bring Me The Horizon First Love Tour - Eagle Bank Arena, Fairfax, VA

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

On Monday January 28th Northern Virginia was given the best gift it could have ever asked for. Bring Me The Horizon, Thrice, and The Fever 333 paid a visit and shook the whole DMV area so hard it snowed the next day.

Okay…so maybe that wasn’t BMTH's doing but they definitely brought it. We all know that BMTH changed their sound but the crowd still went hard with circle pits, moshing, and even a wall of death.

The show was opened by The Fever 333 who brought a political heat to the stadium and the crowd was all about it. Jason (Lead singer) jumped off stage to make sure he was heard from the stands…literally.

Following was Thrice brining melodic hardcore music like Black Honey and Hurricane. I can never get enough of them.

Closing the night was Bring Me The Horizon, and I cannot stress enough how much people really need to see them as soon as possible. Bring Me opened up with ‘I Apologize If You Feel Something’ and the whole crowd felt something. This was then followed up with cult favorite, ‘Mantra.’ Bring Me did not forget their roots this tour as they also played classics such as ‘The House Of Wolves,’ ‘Antivist,’ and ‘Shadow Moses.’

Bring me The Horizon is still on tour and I highly suggest you don’t miss out! Get tickets!

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