• Curtis Ebl

Jinjer - MACRO Tour 2019 - St. Louis, MO

A sold out show can mean a lot to a band. Whether the act just started playing at their local bar, or selling out arenas to the capacity of Metallica and Maiden, it can be validating to the artist’s effort. Regardless of the band’s influence, achieving max capacity for a venue is never an easy feat. Knowing this difficulty, when over a quarter of a European band’s North American tour is sold out months before it begins, a lot can be said about their talent.

This was the case with Jinjer’s first show of their fall tour. Just outside of St. Louis’s Metal/Punk venue, Fubar, a line formed hours before the doors opened, snaking its way around the block. From VIP ticket holders to dedicated fans making sure they get a front row view, Fubar’s sidewalk was a buzz of anticipation and excitement for the evening’s event.

Since the addition of current vocalist Tatiana Shmailyuk in 2010, the groove-incorporated progressive metal act has achieved worldwide popularity in a relatively short amount of time. Having been awarded multiple heavy metal accolades in their native Ukraine, the band’s growing popularity allowed them to catch the attention of Napalm Records, giving them the opportunity to spread their artistic aggression outside of Europe. Touring with major metal acts such as Arch Enemy, Cradle Of Filth, and DevilDriver, the band has been gaining a devout following. With their next release only being a few months away, MACRO (out Oct 25th), this tour could prove to be their most successful yet.

Once inside the venue, space quickly became sparse as fans flowed into the the 500 person capacity room. Soon after entering, the crowd quickly exploded into a frenzy as direct support, Sumo Cyco, a female fronted, hard rock band from Hamilton, Ontario, took the stage. Posessing an infectious energy from the entire act, fans were jumping, singing, and crowd surfing despite the hot, muggy conditions. Sumo Cyco proved to be the perfect warm up act, keeping the crowd on their toes and delivering a heavy yet catchy performance.

The anticipation of the headliner taking the stage caused fans to become increasingly worked up, with the venue already at full capacity. People chanted “Jinjer!” repeatedly as their set time drew near. This only added to the energy of the show and not too long after, the crowd’s demands were met.

For the next hour and a half, fans were presented with an onslaught of slamming drums, intricate guitar riffs, and a next level vocal performance delivered by the night’s main act. Jinjer opened up with tracks Teacher, Teacher! and Ape, both of which can be found on the band’s 2019 EP, MICRO. Though each member of the band played at an exceptional level, the vocalist was by far their biggest stand out feature. Each song, singer Tatiana flawlessly switched between angelic singing and deep, guttural growls. Either singing style on its own could rival the best in the business, and the ability to perform both effortlessly only showcased the talent Shmailyuk possesses.

The band then proceeded with their live debut of Judgement (&Punishment), allowing for guitarist Roman Ibramkhalilov to execute intricate, yet groovy reggae inspired riffs. Bassist Eugene Abdukhanov delivered with meaty, head bobbing bass lines that were further enhanced by Tatiana’s vocals.

The moshing, singing, and brutality never once let up throughout the course of the set. Even though the band only has two full LPs to their name, there were plenty of songs to please the crowd. Jinjer finished off the night with their song, Pisces, which has over 25 million views on YouTube, making it the band’s most successful track to date. The band left the stage with the crowd wanting more, even after their encore. A near flawless performance, fantastic sound mix, over the top light show, and solid supporting bands, proves Jinjer’s North American tour to be a must see for not just any metal fan, but a fan of well executed music.

Curtis Ebl


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