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PUP - The Falls Apart Tour 2019 - St. Louis, MO

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

”I was bored as f***, sitting around and thinking all this morbid stuff.” The first line out of singer Stefan Babcock’s mouth from the title track “Morbid Stuff” was bleak to say the least. Knowing little about the band before arriving, the expectation of the performance was one to be of melancholy. Think bands like The Get Up Kids or American Football.

That expectation was, in fact, incorrect. PUP is known for their loud, ambitious sound and creative yet scathing lyrics that aren’t afraid to be self-deprecating. Not even seconds after Babcock began to sing, fans instantaneously reacted in an explosion of intensity. PUP’s presence was apparent, immediately commanding the attention of the hundreds of fans who came out to St. Louis’s Delmar Hall on a Tuesday night.

The 750 person capacity room was packed with a mostly younger crowd of eager and energetic fans. At no point did the crowd allow one another to stand still. Touring on the April release of their album Morbid Stuff, The punk rocker’s from Toronto, Canada has enjoyed an upward trajectory in popularity with every release. With the album peaking at number one on various Billboard album charts, their third effort has garnered the group staying power in the punk rock world.

Likely due to its recent release, spectators heard over half of Morbid Stuff throughout the evening with seven of the sixteen song setlist coming from the new album. This by no means deterred people as some of the band's strongest songs come from this album. During the song “Kids” bandmates proceeded with floating guitar riffs and driving bass lines that easily gets stuck in one’s head. Amid the chaos that was “Full Blown Meltdown” people braced as Babock leapt into the crowd, hoisting him up and across the pit.

“Scorpion Hill” was one of PUP’s most musically diverse tracks. It had a slight country flavor contrasted by chunky guitar parts, adding variety to their sound. The song was then further distinguished by the band’s signature, grim yet cheeky lyrics.

The setlist was not only a play-through of their new album as older songs were sprinkled throughout. “Dark Days,” from their debut self-titled effort, PUP, provided an upbeat tune full of gang vocals and bouncy drumming, contrast to the song’s title. Following track “Reservoir” had fans roaring along with fists in the air, screaming “I'm letting go at the reservoir / You're sinking like a stone / We had it all and it fell apart What did you expect?”

The set closed out with two songs from their second effort, The Dream Is Over. “If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will” started off slow, crescendoing into a climax of energy. Going straight into the double-time paced closer “DVP,” PUP provided an effective one-two punch of their best known songs.

The entire performance with right at an hour, wasting no time with filler. PUP provided fans with an evening of passionate, well executed punk rock anyone can sing along to. The band are continuing their tour across the United States and Canada this fall/winter. Check out future dates as well as show photos below.

- Curtis Ebl


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